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    SC: 2.6.2 Production Schedule
    « on: 04. March 2017, 08:01:45 »

    Below is an overview of the kinds of issues that we have fixed since releasing 2.6.1 Live:

    Fixed a crash in CTextMessages::PushEntry_Text
    Fixed a crash in CPlayerStateLedge::IsLedgeExitBlocked
    Fixed a crash in CMannequinInterface::UnloadAll()
    Fixed a crash in CArticulatedEntity::Action
    Fixed a crash in CItemPortContainer::GetController

    Main Menu
    Fixed an issue where the player would be unable to go back to the main menu if they were in a party prior to entering Arena Commander
    Fixed an issue with players being unable to navigate between the game modes on the in-game leaderboards

    Arena Commander / Crusader
    Fixed an issue where backing away from an activated ASOP terminal would make it unusable to other players
    Fixed an issue where the on-foot radar could break after piloting a ship
    Fixed an issue where it was possible for the rings or Port Olisar to get added to the physics grid of a ship and behave oddly
    Fixed an issue where the audio would degrade over time during Vanduul Swarm
    Fixed an issue where ships would not despawn correctly when a player requests a second ship from an ASOP terminal while one is still in their possession
    Fixed an issue where the “Press X to Begin” notification would not appear, and the game would immediately start

    Star Marine
    Fixed an issue where the radar would not update properly when looking at other players
    Removed floating debris from the Outlaw spawn point in Echo 11
    Fixed the floating ammo crate in the engineering section of Echo 11
    Fixed an issue where the player could jump out of the gameworld behind a staircase in Echo 11
    Fixed an issue in Demien where players could exploit the level and shoot other players from under the floor in certain locations
    Fixed an issue where players could end up with an infinite number of Medipens after healing
    Scoreboard now allows for negative kills. Players with 0 kills that kill themselves will now show -1 in the kill column
    Fixed various prop collisions in Demien so they no longer allow for exploiting of the map
    Players can now shoot through their own spawn barrier at enemies to reduce base camping

    Fixed an issue with unstable flight behavior as a result of incorrect rotation calculations
    Fixed an issue where the Origin 350r was unable to use missiles
    Fixed an issue where the rear of the Drake Cutlass became invulnerable after destroying the rear of the ship

    Fixed an issue where the player could become invisible and invincible after performing a certain procedure

    Fixed an issue with dead players becoming distorted when viewing in spectator mode

    Fixed an issue where any resolution other than 16:9 caused the UI/HUD to not scale correctly
    Increased the volume of the Shotgun
    Fixed the Medi-pen heal animation not working
    Comstab, GSafe, and Coupled mode settings are now saved between player respawns and client restarts
    Fixed an issue with burst mode weapons where the weapon would fire one less bullet than intended per burst
    Fixed the looping Tigerstrike T-21 Gatling audio
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